Feminism is complex. It has many types and brands. Just think of all the dog types (or breeds). A Pug and a Dalmatian are both considered dogs, yet they look and act nothing alike. The Pug is a short, compact, brachycephalic breed. Some people find this snoring-snorting devil handsome, while others think it is the ugliest animal in existence. The Dalmatian is a lean, spotted, and energetic breed who’s famous for helping Firefighters. There are those who think it is way too damn hyper, and high maintenance. Both dogs have value.

Because Pugs and Dalmatians are so different each appeal to different individuals. What may work for John Doe, may not work for Jane Smith. Same with feminism. What may work for some people, may not work for others. Feminists don’t look or act anything alike.

Types of feminism work for different people. Yes, that sentence is a repeat thought, but for the love of God let it sink in.

What I consider oppressive others may view as empowering. Example, modesty to me is oppressive; don’t tell me to cover up! However, other women (and men) are empowered by being modest. They like it.

Another example, I truly love keeping my number of sexual partner count on one hand. This makes me feel safe, romantic, and sex feel special. Other women love having sex. Sex is sex to them. They feel liberated and independent.

See how easily feminism can vary from person to person? We haven’t even covered that many topics, and already clear differences emerge.

This blog is just ONE type of feminism. It’s mine.


One thought on “Feminist I Am

  1. In my opinion, I wouldn’t call your examples different types of feminism so much as different types of feminists. Feminism fights for a women to be treated equally to men regardless of what they choose to wear or how many sexual partners they may have. So how modest or immodest a person is doesn’t really matter as much as having the choice to be one or the other.

    But I do think feminism gets defined by a few stereotypes that don’t do the movement good. We are not all protesting topless in the streets, nor are we all single or any other stereotype. It would be beneficial to show the world the diversity of women and men who call themselves feminists.

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