I remember being in the 3rd grade studying the Bible (went to private school). The class was going over Jacob, Abraham, and other men in the Old Testament. I would always read ahead, and get to parts of the Bible that would be rated R if it were a film. As an eight year old I didn’t understand feminism, or even what was really going on with Jacob and his two wives, but I didn’t like Jacob. I didn’t like Abraham. I didn’t like Lot. As an eight year old, I wondered why were we studying these bad men? Why does God hate females? I often found myself angry, and full of ick-ness reading these stories. Seriously, I would get sick to my stomach. And that was only in the third grade, y’all…

So imagine, after 27 years how I should feel about Genesis.

Oh Genesis! How often you’ve made me cry and get angry, then cry more, then maybe throw something… mom, that may have been one of the ways your wine glasses broke. Just saying!

Would it shock you to know I am a Christian and a Feminist? I am a woman who whole-heartedly believes in Elohim: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I decided to start blogging about Genesis because it is the book that pisses me off the most. I want to help women know that they are loved by God. We are not lesser than! God is not a chauvinistic entity that thinks one of his creations are second-rate. I believe God made the sexes equal. Males and Females are different, but we are both made in God’s image.

I will see you on Thursday (9th). We are starting with Genesis Chapter One.



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