No, I am not close-minded, overreacting, or losing it over a little shirt. Thought we should just cover that before we proceed.

I saw this shirt today, and it offended me. And I don’t get offended easily.


It’s description included “Bless up!”

I think it is interesting how we always talk about cultural appropriation, but not religion appropriation….

This shirt is rude. There’s nothing nice about it.

It is rude to three major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Again, I am a Christian, so I only know the Christian perspective.

But man, you can pick on Christians! Let me tell you!

Usually I am told by the media that if I object to this shirt I am a close-minded, most likely conservative, uneducated, and/or an overreacting Christian. It’s just a shirt; I mean Christians have done how many evil things? And you’re losing it over a shirt? Someone always brings up how much evil Christians have done in the past as a defense against my opinion… in the present. Which I thought we were all allowed to have opinions?

Also is it just a t-shirt? I mean as a dumbass, ignorant Christian I didn’t study rhetorical discourse, logical fallacies, and composition to get my Master’s, again because I am stupid. So I totally didn’t take classes about the meaning of symbols, fashion, and words. That would be way TOO progressive for little me. I have no idea the power of advertising and branding. I don’t even know what I am talking about!!

No. This isn’t a calm declarative statement. This shirt has negative meaning behind it.

Boo, if you want to wear a shirt that says Atheist with a cute little heart over the “I”. Do it! You want to buy condoms that say Atheist, buy them. I am sure there is a market out there. Hell, tattoo it on yourself (although I don’t think you should do that). It is your body!

However, this shirt isn’t a calm statement. This has some passive-aggressiveness to it. Seriously, think of who would buy this… are they being calm and kind? Do they really want to share discourse about religious and philosophical views? Are they just making a peaceful declaration of their Atheism? No, they are SO being naughty. This is a shock-value shirt. It is in your face. It isn’t trying to build a conversation, or discussion. It has a “screw-you-attitude.”

What annoys me the most, is I get constantly bombarded with phrases expressing how dumb I must be to believe in God. I am told over and over again I am an ignorant, fool. Yet, this shirt will get praise and laughs. And because I dislike it, and wrote this blog I get smeared as close-minded.

Some may argue, they are just being sarcastic like you were above. Yes, but I don’t go out of my way to hurt Atheists in any way. I am not proactive in harming or making fun of them. I am simply reacting, and calling them out. I am doing this calmly too I might add. 🙂


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